10 Steps to Building Your High Performance Dream Home
Custom Home Building

Building your dream home

1) Identify a Zero Energy Ready Home Qualified Builder

High Performance Homes is a DOE Zero Energy Ready Home Partner committed to meet all requirements set forth in the DOE Zero Energy Ready Home National Program. Additionally, the home builder is a National Green Building Standard (NGBS) Green Partner, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Indoor airPLUS Partner and ENERGY STAR Partner. Kiere has been building custom homes since 1987 and has focused on ZERH solely over the last 6 years– even before the ZERH Program launch, so he is a true leader in the field and High Performance Net-Zero homes are his specialty.

Create a list of two or three builders to “interview” for the job.

Review a Portfolio of the Builders Work

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Request Referrals and Testimonials from Past Customers. Not just in writing but see if a customer is available for a phone call or a face to face to share their experience.

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Tour the Builders Model or a Custom Home They’ve Built

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2) Discovery Consultation with the Builder– This is the opportunity for buyers to communicate their vision for their dream home, get to know the builder and develop a foundational relationship for the project ahead. Buyers will work closely with the builder and the builder’s team over a long period of time, so it’s important buyer and builder are a good fit. A discovery consultation will include a discussion of:


Property, Plans, Permitting

Architectural Design Structure

Timeframe – Expectation for timeline from contract to move-in. 7 months is a general approximation; however, timeframe is largely dependent on the homebuyer’s motivation to make choices within the process, permitting and availability of chosen materials. Generally the more custom choices, the longer the build.

Level of Performance – Zero Energy Ready or Net-Zero, or Passive

Orientation – For solar performance and overall comfort in the home.

3) Material Selection Identified for Review

Generally a minimum of 100 selections are made (naturally, the more custom the home, the more selections will be required). Choosing an experienced builder can help buyers who need more support and expertise during this process because they can point out selections that need to be made that the buyer may not have considered, or make harmonious design selection that honor the integrity of the homes overall architectural design. We have a full design studio on-site at the model home that provides material options, or buyers can make selections on their own. Our sales director, Amy Whaley will have a one-on-one consultation with each buyer to help pick out materials that work to accomplish their vision. Buyers will be assisted with each selection, if desired, or given as much freedom to choose their selections independently. Some buyers want help choosing materials that are harmonious, neutral and classic to stand-the-test of time, while other buyers want more freedom to express themselves within their home design with their own unique taste and design aesthetic. Each buyer’s custom home will be planned and tracked using a highly detailed spreadsheet outlining every detail of every selection.

Examples of Material Selections Include:

Exterior Building Materials

Finishes: Flooring, Cabinetry, Countertops, Windows, Doors, Appliances, Doorknobs, Trim, Paint

4) Builder Presents Proposal with Bid to Buyer

  • Discussion to Determine if Bid Does or Does Not Meet Your Budget. If not;
  • Value Engineering- Identify Comparable But Less Expensive Alternatives and Review of Wants vs. Needs

5) Go to Contract – Home price is fixed unless a Change Order is outlined, documented and submitted and approved by buyer/builder.

6) Financing for the Build

Lender Gives Full Loan Approval

Proof of Funds if it’s a Cash Sale

Earnest Money Deposit

7) Settlement on the Property

8) Construction Phase- Three formalized meetings with optional walk-throughs on demand as requested to review progress.

Preconstruction Meeting – One final meeting before breaking ground to review full plan and selections

Pre Dry Wall Meeting – Satisfaction with Framing, High Voltage Electrical, Low Voltage Wiring Options

Final Walk-Through – Takes place two-weeks prior to home's delivery as a final opportunity for the buyer to get any outstanding issues addressed. Then home is meticulously cleaned and inspected for final delivery.

9) Final Delivery – Builder delivers keys to buyer to take possession of their newly constructed and completed custom dream home.

10)Enjoy Showing All Your Friends Your Little to No Cost Utility Bill!

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