Finding a Zero Energy Ready Home Builder


Purchasing or building a home is one of the biggest investments you'll probably ever make. You'll want a home that is beautifully designed, as well as comfortable, healthy and durable. It's also more important than ever to build a home that is energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable. A Zero Energy Ready Home can provide all these things while ultimately saving you money. There are several reasons why you should invest in a Zero Energy Ready Home.

What Is a Zero Energy Ready Home Building?

According to the office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, a Zero Energy Ready Home is a home that meets extensive requirements that produce high levels of energy savings as defined by the Department of Energy (DOE). These types of homes work better and will last longer. With more buyers wanting environmentally friendly, energy-efficient homes, Zero Energy Ready Homes are the future of housing.

Samuel Rashkin, the chief architect of Building Technologies at the Department of Energy, was the creator of Zero Energy Ready Homes (ZERH). States such as California are already planning to require all new homes be Zero Energy Ready Homes by 2020. These requirements will likely increase in the future and expand to several states. You won't want to build a new home that will be outdated and outside of legal codes in just a few years.

Why a Zero Energy Ready Home Lives, Works and Lasts Better?

A Zero Energy Ready Home lives better by providing a healthy environment that minimizes harmful pollutants, effectively filters the air you and your family breathe and provides a continuous flow of fresh air into the home. Even temperatures and low humidity create the highest levels of comfort.

Based on the latest research and science, advanced technologies make a Zero Energy Ready Home work better. Compared to an average home, your Zero Energy Ready Home will be highly efficient and inexpensive to own. The advanced construction will mean your home will last longer and better.

Why Is Zero Energy Ready Home Building the Right Choice?

Leading experts understand that you'll only have one chance to construct your home the right way. The advanced practices and technologies that go into every certified Zero Energy Ready Home were each recommended by housing experts from the Department of Energy's world-renowned research program, Building America.

This is ultimately the experts' choice because of the superior performance from seven systems that must be in place to be considered a Zero Energy Ready Home.

  1. Optimized Thermal Protection -- This will help ensure that your home is ready for the future! A Zero Energy Ready Home will include walls, windows and roofs that meet or exceed next-generation codes. Minimum code construction will quickly become outdated.
  2. Whole-House Water Protection -- This will help ensure your home is moisture ready! This involves building a moisture-ready home that can manage potential problems with mold or leaks.
  3. High-Performance Heating and Cooling -- Helps to ensure your home is comfort ready! The best materials, technologies and installation practices ensure high performance heating and cooling. This makes every home comfortable and energy-efficient.
  4. High-Efficiency Components -- Helps to ensure your home will be tech ready! These homes include appliances, fans and lighting that can save energy and improve the quality of each home.
  5. Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality -- This will help ensure your home is health ready! The air quality meets the standards of the EPA, protects from contaminants and ensures a healthy home environment.
  6. Solar-Ready Construction -- Helps to ensure your home is zero ready! This includes solar-ready components that will minimize the cost of adding anything solar-related later.
  7. Enhanced Quality Assurance -- Helps ensure your home is performance ready! HPH is among only 1 percent of home builders in the nation that are building to the Zero Energy Ready Home level of exceptional quality and energy efficiency.

Where Can I Find a Zero Energy Ready Home Builder?

It's important to find a builder that has the experience and qualifications to construct a Zero Energy Ready Home. The Building Technologies Office at the Department of Energy has created a partner locator map to help home buyers connect with the right builder.

You'll be able to find builders, lenders, architects, designers and verifiers. There are also listings for innovation partners. This includes companies that provide lighting, electrical services, windows and doors. There are several builders and partners available in all 50 states to help you build a Zero Energy Ready Home. The map will provide you with all the information you'll need to get started.

Who Specifically Has the Experience and Expertise?

When you're ready to invest in a Zero Energy Ready Home, High Performance Homes (HPH) can provide you with beautiful design options that meet the criteria for a sustainable, energy efficient home. They specialize in a variety of home designs including both traditional and modern. HPH is currently licensed in Pennsylvania and Maryland. They are available to build in other locations pending the license application and approval.

Kiere DeGrandchamp, who oversees construction operations, has over 30 years of experience in the field of environmentally friendly home building. He has specifically spent the last 10 years building Net Zero Energy Homes. He founded HPH in 2014. DeGrandchamp has won several prestigious awards, as well as been invited to Capitol Hill three years in a row to discuss issues regarding sustainability and the home building industry.

If you're ready to invest in a Zero Energy Ready Home, High Performance Homes can provide gorgeous designs, state-of-the-art technology and a personal commitment to building the home of your dreams. Contact HPH today for more information.

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