Tax-Friendly Retirement Living in Pennsylvania

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Different factors inspire people to construct a new home out of state. You may want a fresh start in a new place. Maybe you are moving for a job, to be closer to family, or to pursue a comfortable retirement. If you feel the urge to move for any reason, you should certainly explore your options in Pennsylvania, home of beautiful land and expert builders. One of these builders, High Performance Homes (HPH), is the leader in high-performance energy home building and can construct an energy-efficient dream house for you that creates a beautiful and sustainable lifestyle. When you choose HPH, you are choosing a new way of life

Tax-Friendly State

Some states are tough on homeowners with their sky-high property and income taxes. When added to what the federal government takes out of your pocket, your tax burden can become unbearable. Currently, federal tax law is in flux, making the state you choose to live in even more important. Many potential homeowners choose Pennsylvania, the Keystone State, for its tax-friendly policies and welcoming communities.

Pennsylvania exempts Social Security income and income from 401Ks and IRAs from your state income tax, making it particularly welcoming to retirees. The marginal state tax rate is 0.0%, so you pay nothing on $40,000 of pre-tax income. Neither public or private pension income is taxed, either. These provisions make the state a good choice for your first house, a mid-life change, or your retirement home.

The sales tax is a low six percent, much lower than some other nearby states. Those daily savings add up over the years. Pennsylvania also offers various property tax relief programs that essentially lower the 1.47 percent property tax rate. The state government welcomes new residents by offering them these favorable tax policies.

Pennsylvania gives you beautiful landscapes, sophisticated urban centers, and proximity to D.C. and New York. Its tax law makes the state an even more attractive pick for your new home. When it comes to Pennsylvania, what's not to like?

Zero Energy Home Building

HPH is the expert in zero energy home building, one of the most popular trends nationwide. You won’t be forced to choose between the size home you want and paying monumental utility bills when you take this option. HPH creates zero energy ready homes that cost you little or nothing in energy costs each year. Most of these homes’ annual energy consumption is offset with renewable energy. As a result, you save big money while reducing your carbon footprint. You can enjoy a beautiful new home and work to improve the environment at the same time.

High Performance Homes uses a combination of technologies to achieve this energy sufficiency. They employ solar energy, geothermal heating and cooling, structural insulated panels, and other methods to build your “smart” home. Unlike many homeowners, you won’t be forced to choose between your physical comfort and your budget.

Pennsylvania Home Builders

Employing an out-of-state home builder may seem scary, but HPH has spent years refining their construction method. They have developed a state-of-the-art process that allows people to build their dream homes in a financially practical way. HPH integrates various technologies into home construction so that the result is a luxurious home that offers easy living at every stage of your life. They simplify the lives of young married couples, large families, and those near retirement. The homes are easily maintained, so you never “age” out of them.

These homes can also be customized for the buyer’s specific needs. You will get the special attention you deserve so that your home reflects your individuality. HPH customers feel appreciated and value the knowledge of the staff, all experts in home design and construction. Many clients personally attest to their satisfaction with their new homes and the company's tireless service and are happy to share their stories.


People can build their dream homes without being wealthy. In fact, even luxury homes can be budget friendly when they provide continual energy savings. In the East, the winters can be brutal and home heating costs terrifying. The heat of summer can make cooling expensive as well. Many homeowners pay thousands of dollars for their energy costs during the year. If they have HPH build their home, they won't need to move far from friends and family to escape those extreme utility bills. Instead, they can move to convenient Pennsylvania, live in an amazing home, and still save money.

Building a home in Pennsylvania can be a great decision for your entire family, particularly if you choose HPH to build your home. Constructing a zero-energy home can transform your lifestyle by allowing you to experience luxury construction that is eco-friendly and a boon to your budget. As the decades pass, the low energy bills help you pay for your home and ensure that your life in it will be sustainable through the different phases of your life.

HPH, 2017 Housing Innovation Award Winner, welcomes anyone interested in their homes, to come and take a tour of a model home and to explore Pennsylvania. You may just find your "happily ever after" home.

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