Why Is Moisture Control in Homes So Important?

superior walls basement in zero ready energy home

When you're building a home, you want to make sure the foundation and structure is protected from excessive moisture. There are several important reasons why moisture control is necessary, and many steps you can take to make sure your home is protected.

What Does Moisture Ready Mean?

A moisture-ready home means the best materials and building practices are in place to keep moisture and water leaks from causing damage to the zero energy ready home. There are several types of products and companies that provide the right type of materials to build a moisture-ready home.

  • Superior Walls by Weaver Precast is a superior (no pun intended) foundation system that comes with custom installed walls precured, with insulation and studs cast right into the wall panels. This creates a thermal break, which, along with the 5,000+ psi concrete mixture, gives you the water tight seal you need to keep your home warm, dry, and safe. Compared to traditional poured-in-place concrete or block walls which are susceptible to cracking and allowing moisture in.    
  • Tyvek® HomeWrap® is a special type of membrane that adds a protective layer to the cladding of a home. It resists water and air intrusion while preventing mildew and mold from building up.
  • Buyers Ask states that a weep screed will enable moisture to drain from behind a stucco wall. Blistering and staining can occur on a wall if a weep screed is not in place.
  • Vapor barriers help block the flow of moisture into a home. They are made of various materials and can be installed in places such as wall frames or crawl spaces.

Installing flashing, waterproofing basements and putting in proper interior plumbing are also ways to make sure your home is moisture ready.

How Should You Protect Your Home?

There are several ways you can properly protect your home on both the outside and the inside.

Quality Products: The first step is to make sure you've selected the best products possible for your home. Energy.gov states that there will be potential moisture problems anytime building components are substandard.

Quality Installation: The best products will only be beneficial if they're installed correctly. Make sure your builder is properly licensed and has the necessary experience.

Photo Verified: According to Energy Star, you'll want to have your home inspected, tested and verified to make sure it's as energy efficient as possible.

Third-Party Inspection: Having an impartial inspector go through your home is adding another layer of protection to the building process.

Why Is It Important to Control Moisture?

There are several critical reasons why moisture control is so important. Excessive moisture in a home can promote the growth of mold, mildew and certain types of bacteria. Nearly every aspect of your home can suffer damage if too much water gets into the structure. It's also important to know that time is a critical factor when it comes to moisture damage. Problems can occur in a short amount of time if moisture is not prevented or controlled quickly.

What Damage Can Moisture Do to a Home?

Once water in various forms has invaded a home, the damage can ultimately make the structure uninhabitable. There are several specific ways that moisture can harm you and the structure of your home.

  1. Airborne Illness: Moisture can lead to the growth of mildew and mold in places such as basements and crawlspaces. The CDC reports that exposure to mold can potentially cause a variety of ailments, including coughing, throat irritation and lung infections.
  2. Structural Damage: Too much moisture can create a host of structural damage, including warped floors, cracked walls and broken trim.

Are There Other Negative Effects Caused by Moisture?

When too much water gets into a home, it can create the perfect environment for insects. The Illinois Department of Public Health states that roaches, dust mites and certain bacteria can thrive in a home where moisture is a problem.

You need to make sure your home is as protected from excessive moisture and water damage as possible. It's essential to find a home builder with the experience to provide your home with the ultimate water protection.

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