Custom offsite home builds

Zero Energy Ready Home Building on Your Land


Love the technology behind zero energy homebuilding and have your own private homesite to build on? We can help. Whether you already have your home plans or need help to design your dream home we can make building a zero energy home a reality. 

*above project designed by, Becker Morgan Group Architects, Salisbury MD

Where to start?

Building a custom home can leave you questioning where to even start. We have outlined some things that you will need to think about when preparing to build your dream home. These items are laid out in order of an ideal building situation, but most custom home builds will vary from this exact sequence so don’t let that worry you. We can help you at any point in the process and take you through every step along the way.

  1. Have you determined a budget?
    1. Provide us with a copy of a pre-approval letter from your lender.
    2. Or provide us with a verification of funds for a cash purchase.
  2. Have you secured your homesite for building?
    1. Do you own the lot?
    2. Are you under contract for a lot?
    3. Have you identified a lot of interest?
    4. Do you know how to start a lot search?
  3. Depending on your answer to #2 we will follow up with a number of questions.
    1. If you own your lot or have identified a lot, send us as much information as you have on it including plats, maps, locations, well/septic information, any items you have.
    2. If you do not own the lot, have you started your search? We can help you with this and give you an idea of what you should be looking for in a lot to build on.
  4. Do you have a floorplan designed?
    1. If so, send us as much information as you have so we can start site engineering.
    2. If so but it needs some modifications, we can help!
    3. If not, do you want us to help?
      1. Come up with a wants and needs list in the home.
      2. Consider floorplan layout. What items are most important to you to have?
      3. Consider finishes you would like to see in your home.
  5. Picking out materials for your home, there are two ways to select your finishes.
    1. Creating allowances for materials allows you to select finish products from any location and we will manage the orders.
    2. You can use our design showroom to select your finishes and we can budget items based on those selections, this will require a meeting with Amy to work through selections.
  6. Finalizing a purchase price.
    1. Once we know your floorplan design and finishes we can create a budget for the home itself.
    2. Once we know your lot details we can create a budget for lot development.
    3. Add these two items together along with your lot cost and you have your total sales price for your loan or cash purchase.
    4. Don’t worry, if along the way you want to make changes to materials or design we can usually work through that and if there are any upcharges for upgraded materials you can pay the difference through a change order.
  7. After settlement on the property and the home with a construction perm loan we can start the build process.
    1. Pre-construction meeting is an opportunity to review your selections.
    2. Pre-drywall meeting is an opportunity to finalize electrical and wiring upgrades once framing is complete.
    3. Pre-delivery meeting is an opportunity to do a final walk through with the HPH team before you take possession of the home.
    4. Receive the Use and Occupancy Permit, your home is ready to move in!
    5. Along the way you can request meetings with the builder and/or sales at any time to review your home’s progress or if there is a need for change.
  8. After move-in, what is next?
    1. Once you receive keys and take possession of the home, HPH will come back at one year and do another walk through with you and fix any drywall blemishes or nail pops.
    2. If for some reason there were minor items that were not complete at possession turnover of the home, HPH will document outstanding items and create a timeline to finish.
    3. When you take possession of the property you will receive a homeowner’s booklet that outlines all of the vendors that worked on your home, warranty information, and contact information.
    4. ENJOY!

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