Faith and Your Carbon Footprint
Godly Design for a Beautiful World

Understanding how environmentally responsible choices and a faith based lifestyle go hand in hand

As Christians, we are called to care for others and for creation. One way to do this is to reduce our "environmental footprint" by living in a place that literally produces its own energy rather than rely on energy from sources such as coal or oil. Today, this goal of self-sufficient, (and comfortable) living has become reality and one of the leading builders in this movement is located only a few miles away in Gettysburg.

High Performance Homes

The Home of the Future is redefining what it means to live the American Dream. Combining revolutionary zero energy ready technology, meticulous craftsmanship, impeccable luxury designs, and the ability to customize meets the growing market demand for quality constructed, high-tech, energy-efficient luxury homes with age-in-place considerations.

Studies have reinforced buyers strong and growing desire for ultra-energy-efficient features, to reduce their cost-of-living, accessible homes with open-floor plans, exceptional craftsmanship, custom-design options, luxury, low maintenance living and convenient tech-forward features.

Our whole house approach is to combine quality craftsmanship with the most innovative home building technologies. Coded for the future, High Performance Homes’ state-of-the-art technology package includes geothermal heating and cooling, solar panels/shingles, systems for vastly improved indoor air quality, building envelopes made with structurally insulated panels (SIPs) for exceptional strength and durability and Superior Wall Systems for below grade strength and insulation, and smart home monitoring and management technologies. All of these things with the added ability to customize both design and function.

How our homes are built differently:

  • Superior Walls Systems
  • Structural Insulated Panel Systems
  • Solar Shingle Technology
  • Geothermal Heating and Cooling
  • Advanced Air Filtration and Purification
  • Low to No VOC Products and Materials
  • Smart Home Technology and Management
  • Ability to customize both design and function, making the home as handicap friendly as needed

Our homes rank in the top 1% of homes in the country for energy efficiency and quality construction. In addition to Federal Tax Rebates on our homes, depending on location consumers can reap long term rewards in the forms of SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Credits), little to no electric and heating/cooling costs, and local tax rebates.