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Leading experts polled would overwhelmingly choose a Zero Energy Ready Home knowing they include seven must-have systems that help ensure a better living experience. *Leading experts defined below

Helps ensure it's easy to buy smart!

Leading experts know superior performance from seven must-have systems are the difference between code build homes of the past and the exceptional Zero Energy Ready Home of the future!

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Seven Must-Have Systems Included in Every Zero Energy Ready Home

#1. Optimized Thermal Protection

Helps ensure your home is ready for the future!

Leading experts know minimum code roofs, walls, windows, doors, and foundations quickly become outdated missing opportunities for superior savings, comfort and durability.

Every HPH home includes SIPs construction to ensure thermal protection.

Murus SIPs

#2. Whole-House Water Protection

Helps ensure your home is moisture ready!

Leading experts know comprehensive water protection details inside and outside a home help eliminate moisture related risks.

Every HPH home includes Superior Walls at the foundation to ensure water protection.

Superior Walls

#3. High-Performance Heating & Cooling

Helps ensure your home is comfort ready!

Leading experts know true comfort goes well beyond a basic heating and cooling system in order to enjoy the entire home year-round.

Every HPH home includes geothermal heating and cooling by WaterFurnace to ensure high-performance heating/cooling.

WaterFurnace Geothermal

#4. High-Efficiency Components

Helps ensure your home is tech ready!

Leading experts know advanced technology components are essential for significant energy savings and better performance.

Every HPH home includes whole house monitoring of lighting, security, thermostats, and energy monitoring to ensure efficiency and technology.


#5. Comprehensive Indoor Air Quality

Helps ensure your home is health ready!

Leading experts recommend a comprehensive package of air quality features knowing on average indoor air contains 2 to 5 times more contaminants than outdoor air.

Every HPH home includes Nautic Air with Polar Clear technology to ensure advanced air quality.

Nautic Air Filtration

#6. Solar Ready Construction

Helps ensure your home is zero ready!

Leading experts recommend a package of simple, low-cost details in homes without a solar power system so one can easily be added in the future to offset most or all annual energy use.

Every HPH home is not only solar ready, we are solar equipped with Solar Shingles by Dow POWERHOUSE.


#7. Enhanced Quality Assurance

Helps ensure your home is performance ready!

Trusted Quality Assurance - HPH is among only 1% of builders in the nation that build to the Zero Energy Ready Home level of exceptional quality and energy efficiency! Each component of High Performance Homes are third-party verified to ensure our design and construction meets or exceeds quality standards of excellence put forth by the Department of Energy's Zero Energy Ready Home Program. As a Zero Energy Ready Home Partner, our homeowners know EACH and EVERY HPH home is built with exceptional quality.

HPH Performance Report

Determining the True Cost

The Best Investment of a Lifetime Leading experts know that 'true cost' of ownership includes both monthly mortgage and utility expense. Read the projected savings this DOW case study reveals homeowners will save over the course of the mortgage. How you invest those extra thousands is up to you!


Code home is $500,000 with $500/month energy utility costs

ZERH home is $550,000 with $0/month energy utility costs

The savings of $500/month of energy costs actually make the ZERH home less expensive to own!

Case Study Proof

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You have one opportunity during construction to get your home right!

Your enjoyment living in a new home will depend on a wide array of technologies and construction methods that are out-of-sight and often cost-prohibitive to add after the fact.

Zero Energy Ready Home

* Leading experts: The advanced technologies and practices in every certified Zero Energy Ready Home were recommended by leading housing experts from DOE’s world-class research program, Building America. The program builds upon the comprehensive building science requirements of ENERGY STAR for Homes Version 3, along with proven Building America innovations and best practices. Additionally, the rationale for the DOE ZERH program requirements were published for public review and comment. In response to these comments, multiple changes were made to the final program’s requirements. Interested parties can review DOE's responses to public comments.